I remember when the Internet first became a really big deal, and everyday people began to have access to it.

I was in high school and one day they brought computers to every teacher’s classroom. Each class got one or two computers. And the big deal was that all the computers had access to the Internet. It was so new that we didn’t even know what it could do or what we should do with it. We ended up using it mainly to search for pictures of dream cars and sneakers—foolishness. We were just wasting time, playing with a “new toy.”

Here we are now about fifteen years later and the Internet has evolved into so much more than a toy. As a matter of fact it’s an invaluable tool. It’s the most vibrant and complex network system in the world. And we use it for everything! From trying to locate a nice restaurant, to booking a flight or rental car, to reconnecting with family members and old friends, (and while this is not true for everybody) we pretty much live out our entire lives online. And hey, you used it to find us. We do everything on online. Because this is true, we (as a church) want to be careful that our message comes across as clear online as it does at each of our worship services.

In the above video, our eldest member, Mamie H. Clemons tells the story of how they used the meager technology resources they had years ago to give Bible studies. It’s pretty cool to hear her tell that story. Well, just like a lot has changed since the first time my classmates and I discovered the Internet, a lot has changed since they had those old school slide projectors. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to teaching God’s word and sharing God’s love.

This website and this blog will seek to do just that. We want to share the message of God’s love with as many people who will listen. Whether you live on Wylie Avenue, or in Northwest Wisconsin, Winnipeg, Wales, or Western Sahara, we want you to know that we love you and God loves you too. We’re happy that technology allows us the opportunity to reach far beyond our four walls to tell you that.  That’s it. That’s the message. We intend to take the world by storm—or at least the World Wide Web—with that very simple message: God loves you, and so do we.

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