This year (2015) marks 40 years of ministry at Hillcrest. We determined that this would be the year that we would update the church building to prepare the place for ministry in the coming years until Jesus comes again. The following video marks marks our progress and process. And just know we’re just getting started!

Still believing the lie The early chapters of the creation account within Genesis testify of Elohim and the life-producing power of His very words. Further along in the story, we reach the creation of mankind and the subsequent “fall of mankind” in chapter 3. Lucifer, disguised as a beguiling serpent, deceives Eve to believe that…

I remember when the Internet first became a really big deal, and everyday people began to have access to it. I was in high school and one day they brought computers to every teacher’s classroom. Each class got one or two computers. And the big deal was that all the computers had access to the Internet….

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